Tuesday, Dec. 3 is #Giving Tuesday—the day when anyone who is connected online is asked to give to nonprofit causes. Of course, there are numerous ways to contribute to the many Jewish and Zionist causes members of our community support, but if you care about getting to the bottom of Israel and Jewish issues around the world, then please make donating to the Jewish News Syndicate a priority on this day.

JNS is more than just another news website and syndication service. It is an organization devoted to nonstop reporting, and telling the truth about Israel and Jewish issues unburdened by the biases and institutional blinders that distort so much of what we read, hear and see about these topics elsewhere in the secular and even Jewish press.

JNS prides itself on fairness and accuracy in all of our news articles. And unlike most media outlets, it presents the case for the justice of Israel’s cause at a time when it is consistently assailed by foes and an anti-Semitic BDS movement that aims at its destruction and the silencing of its supporters. At JNS, you get the facts about Israel and Jewish issues without the bias that so often tilts the argument against the Jewish state. It is specifically because so much of the Jewish media and even the mainstream organized Jewish world don’t prioritize the defense of Israel, Zionism and Jewish rights, as well as sometimes demonstrating that bias, that JNS is needed more than ever.

This past year, 2019, was a highly productive one for JNS as we increased our reporting on Washington politics, the American Jewish world, and Eastern and Western Europe to complement our comprehensive coverage of Israel, including articles from our Israeli partner, Israel Hayom, seen nowhere else in English. We also earned a number of writing awards that show we are making our mark in the world of online journalism.

Our opinion section has also grown as we added columnists like Alan Dershowitz, Caroline Glick and Thane Rosenbaum to our existing roster of Ruthie Blum, Ben Cohen, Stephen Flatow, Evelyn Gordon and Melanie Phillips, along with regular columns from JNS managing director and Jerusalem bureau chief Alex Traiman and my own daily columns. JNS articles and columns are republished every week by digital outlets and print newspapers across the globe, and our web traffic has increased exponentially since we redesigned our website and changed our editorial leadership.

However, in order to continue to provide this service to the Jewish world, we need more than just readership. We also need your financial help to keep JNS on target as we continue to do the job that no one else does in this same way.

As the calendar year ends, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to JNS. While many worthy causes seek financial help, I hope you will consider supporting Jewish journalism at a time when Israel and the Jewish people remain under threat from anti-Semitism, the BDS movement and global terrorism makes it more important than ever. I hope that you will consider it to be an essential need that cannot be allowed to fail for lack of funds. And I hope we can count on you this year and next.

I want to personally thank you for your readership and support, and look forward to your continued involvement in 2020 as we continue to bring you the best in Jewish journalism.

Jonathan S. Tobin

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