America witnessed a juvenile exercise in “whataboutism” stop the entire U.S. House of Representatives from confronting anti-Semitism within its ranks. The 2019 Texas legislature should challenge this meaningless response to real problems of anti-Semitism and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with a resolution of its own.

Texas legislators should consider passing a resolution recognizing Israel’s victory over its Arab enemies in 1948 and encourage Palestinians to abandon their campaign to rid the region of the Jewish state. After all, this decades-old policy of Arab and Palestinian obstructionists that rejects Israel’s right to exist has only led to Israel’s continued triumph.

Israel reached 32nd place in the world in terms of GDP. In fact, Israel has experienced near constant growth per capita since Yasser Arafat rejected Israel’s supremely generous offer at Camp David in 2000. Israel is ranked 10th most innovative country by Bloomberg News and eighth by U.S. News and Report, based on most powerful based on military prowess and technological capabilities.

The U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem in 2018 was the latest example of Israel’s victory. Meanwhile, the Palestinians remain stuck in a perpetual state of poverty, violence and hopelessness due to its own intransigence and rejectionist attitude. A resolution recognizing Israel’s victory and calling upon the Palestinians to recognize it as well would help expose anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism.

This type of resolution would make clear that Israel’s victory is a victory for the global community. Approximately 132 nations have experienced Israeli humanitarian assistance, alongside ailing Palestinians and victims of war in neighboring Syria. The Jewish state is a leading international partner in cyber research and development. Israel has helped smaller nations in the creation of nearly 300 startup companies and has exported $6.5 billion in cyber-security products. The ubiquity of Israeli cyber products has forced some advocates for boycotting Israeli products and technology to rely on Israeli-made digital platforms to promote their ideas.

Finally, a Texas resolution would reinforce the fact that Israel’s victory benefits the republic. Israel is the fourth-largest trade partner of Texas. That Texas-Israeli relationship has recently generated a $2 million joint research-and-development program aimed at leveraging Israeli technology to help the Texas economy and increase collaboration between Texas and Israeli companies. From water to energy, technology to health care, Texas and Israel continue to nurture a mutually beneficial association.

This resolution would not be symbolism without substance. Instead, it would cement an already substantive relationship between Texas and Israel and set a precedent for other states to follow.

To recognize a victory for Israel would also show the Palestinian people that a secure, more prosperous future awaits those who throw off the yoke of rejectionism. Palestinian acceptance of Israel’s existence as the Jewish state would bring about a peace that would encourage commercial investment for Texas companies within their territories. After all, denying Israel’s right to exist has only succeeded in preventing Palestinians from fully accessing the economic benefits of a Texas-Israel relationship.

This Texas legislature leads a state that prides itself on real solutions with a commitment to self-determination and economic liberty. It can take great satisfaction in knowing that this type of resolution would uphold its unwavering support for Israel, help end one of the world’s longest wars and be the potential source of uplift for the Palestinian people. Texas can lead the way.

David Grantham, a senior fellow at the Center for a Secure Free Society, holds a Ph.D. in history from Texas Christian University and a Master of Science degree in International Relations from Troy University. Grantham is a veteran, having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.