On Dec 3-4, the leaders of the 29 NATO countries gathered in London, England, to update the organization’s security strategy.

The collective joint communique, entitled the “London Declaration,” highlighted NATO’s strategies to counteract China and Russia, and generic “terrorism” by both state and non-state actors.

Most astonishingly, however, the declaration did not:

• Define “terrorism.”

• Mention specific non-state terrorist actors such as Islamic State, Al Qaeda (search the document for these terms here.)

• Mention Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism and cultural subversion throughout the world—and particularly in Europe.

• Acknowledge that the No. 1 threat to Europe is the metastasis of Islamist terrorism and cultural subversion, which are both dictates of Islamic sharia law, let alone present a strategy to counteract this threat.

• Discuss the fact that Turkey and Qatar finance the Muslim Brotherhood, the hub organization that birthed every major Sunni Islamist terrorist group in the world.

• Discuss the fact that Saudi Arabia finances the worldwide spread of Wahabbism, which similar to but organizationally distinct from the Muslim Brotherhood.

• Discuss Turkey’s role in facilitating the invasion of Europe by more than two million Muslim “refugees” and migrants since 2015.

• Discuss the Islamist radicalization of Turkey, and Ankara’s financing of the construction of hundreds if not thousands of mosques throughout Europe, Latin America, Africa and beyond.

• Discuss whether Turkey (which is now 99 percent Muslim) should even be a member of NATO (which is 90 percent Christian).

To its credit, the London Declaration discussed “irregular migration” (presumably from unnamed Middle Eastern countries)—but presented no strategy to stop it or to deport the Islamist terrorists and their supporters who have already penetrated and settled in European countries. Below is the entirety of this passage:

“We, as an Alliance, are facing distinct threats and challenges emanating from all strategic directions. Russia’s aggressive actions constitute a threat to Euro-Atlantic security; terrorism in all its forms and manifestations remains a persistent threat to us all. State and non-state actors challenge the rules-based international order. Instability beyond our borders is also contributing to irregular migration. We face cyber and hybrid threats.”

Since NATO has been consistently unable or unwilling to recognize the growing Islamic demographic and cultural/political threat, it stands no chance of successfully defending those it is charged to protect.

Consider: Mohammed is now one of the top 10 names for male babies in America,  one of the top five names for male babies in Europe, and the most popular name for male babies in London, England. According to one veteran researcher, France will become a Muslim-majority nation within 40-45 years.

Until it decides to openly and honestly address the actual internal and external threats it faces, NATO has no chance of successfully defending the people of its member nations, who are forced to pay for this travesty.

Ken Abramowitz is the president and founder of SaveTheWest.

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