Americans are now fighting for our freedoms in a multifront war. This war embodies fundamental aspects of some of the key wars in our history. It is an epic battle of We the People vs. Tyranny. America’s future depends on the outcome.

We fought and won several battles before: the Revolutionary War (We the People vs. British tyranny), the Civil War (the anti-slavery Unionists who supported American democracy—mostly Republicans—vs the pro-slavery Confederates, who were mostly Democrats), World War I (Democracy vs. the Dictatorships of Austria-Hungary, Germany and their allies), World War II (Democracy vs. Dictatorships of the Nazis and the Japanese) and the Cold War (the cultural/economic battle between the United States and Russia).

However, the multifaceted war we are fighting now is more dangerous and more difficult to win. This war is to save and protect our unique freedoms and independence. It is the equivalent of World War III. It is a war of dictatorships and authoritarians (50 percent of the global population) against democracy. The dictatorships and authoritarian groups can be divided almost equally between the Reds (China, North Korea and Russia) and the Greens (Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Pakistan and terrorist groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State, Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda).

In this global conflict, Western democracies are fighting eight forms of warfare: kinetic, biological, drug trafficking, cultural, economic, legal, demographic and cyber. Among our enemies are global organizations, such as the United Nations (which is controlled by dictatorships), thousands of anti-America domestic and international NGOs, as well as Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) and Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) such as MS-13, Hezbollah and Mexican cartels. International foundations, including the Ford Foundation and the Open Societies Foundation funded by George Soros, also fund anti-American activities.

On the domestic front, Americans are also fighting a cultural war against the radical left-wing of the Democrat Party, whose platform supports programs like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and universal gun confiscation, which contradict the basic values of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Then there is the violent insurrection by Antifa anarchists and Black Lives Matter Marxists, who serve, in effect, as the Democrat Party’s “military wing.”

Aiding the radical left in this cultural war are the mainstream media and social media giants, the elites of Hollywood and the public-education system that has been taken over by the radical left.

America’s enemies (the Reds and the Greens) are financing, supporting, enabling and encouraging our internal enemies.

So far, it is the foreign and domestic enemies of the United States that have been on the offensive, while our government plays defense. Will the US government be able to reorganize itself into a cooperative protective security juggernaut? Will the U.S. government directly and proactively confront our enemies? To date, our government has not been addressing our multifront war with a centralized management structure, headed by a designated leader, as we did in World War II with General George Marshall.

To win this war, American policy-makers must use a holistic, 360-degree approach that takes into account all of our enemies, adversaries and competitors, both foreign and domestic. Our security agencies must be reorganized to manage the challenge, with one person at their head.

The Whole-of-Government COVID-19 task force, headed by Vice President Mike Pence, is a good model to replicate for addressing and defeating the worldwide enemies and adversaries that have put America in the crosshairs. This model was effective: It kept the American people informed, and it was successful. We should do it now. There is no time to lose!

Ken Abramowitz is the author of ‘The Multifront War: Defending America From Political Islam, China, Russia, Pandemics, and Racial Strife‘. He is the president and founder of SaveTheWest.

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