Tragedy strikes in three different places within three weeks.

In New Zealand, 50 Muslims were killed and dozens injured, allegedly by lone Christian white supremacist. In Nigeria, 120 Christians killed, allegedly by Muslim Fulani terrorists. And in Israel, a soldier killed near city of Ariel and five others wounded, presumably by a Muslim terrorist from Hamas or the Palestinian Authority.

Is there any relationship between the so-called good guys or bad guys? Are there any conclusions to be derived?

No. 1, all the dead are innocent, tragically killed victims. We mourn them all of three different faiths.

No. 2, the New Zealand Muslims were killed by a presumed lone wolf crazed Christian. In contrast, the Christians and the one Jew were victims of radicalized Islam, which entails the politicization of the Muslim religion.

No. 3, all three respective governments did not sufficiently protect their vulnerable populations.

Another question that comes about is the difference between Islam/Muslims vs. radical Islam/Islamism/political Islam.

Political Islam represents the politicization of a religion for political gain. Radical Islam refers to terror organizations, such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

In contrast, the Muslim Brotherhood (Turkey/Qatar) and Wahabbis (Saudis) are primarily cultural terror organizations, led by the mismanagement of books, education, mosques and schools.

All four entities have the goal of taking over the world. Their search for land and power knows no bounds. All four must be fought and resisted.

Individual Muslims are not the enemy in New Zealand or anywhere else. Therefore, we must focus the energy of our security agencies on political Islam and not Muslims in general.

Ken Abramowitz is chairman of Citizens for National Security.