Over the years, all of Hamas’s efforts to undermine ‎Israel’s security have failed. Palestinian terrorism ‎took on many forms—suicide bombers, shooting, ‎ramming and abduction attacks, cross-border terror ‎tunnels, rocket fire and attempts to rush the ‎Israel-Gaza border—and we have defeated them ‎all. ‎

Diplomatic gestures and financial incentives were ‎never able to curtail Palestinian terrorism. Only ‎the traumatic military blows Israel has dealt them ‎has been able to generate deterrence and thwart ‎Palestinian malevolence. ‎

Still, even forceful Israeli responses have never ‎been able to so much as dent the Palestinians’ ‎motivation to destroy us, which has only swelled ‎over time. ‎

Those of us who lack patience must remember that ‎there is no one-time solution to this ‎situation. Yes, the intensity of the blows Israel ‎has dealt Hamas has been the only factor to ever ‎temporarily suppress the Palestinians’ thirst for ‎destruction, but what has always failed us is the ‎dissonance between the Palestinian desire to ‎annihilate Israel and our lack of desire to ‎eliminate them, which remains steadfast despite ‎Israel’s clear military superiority. ‎

Given the chance, the Palestinians would butcher us ‎and take our women and children as spoils of war, as ‎dictated by Islam. The fact that Israel desires ‎peace has made the Palestinians believe we are wary ‎of confrontation and casualties, which only fuels ‎their audacity. ‎

Hamas is part of the global Islamic terrorist ‎ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, which includes ‎Qatar, Turkey and Iran, and in turn feeds terrorist ‎groups such as Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Islamic ‎Jihad, Boko Haram, Ansar Beit al-Maqdis and more.‎

Hamas is akin to Amalek, the ancient biblical ‎nation, in its desire to destroy the State of ‎Israel, to harass it, and exhaust it physically and ‎morally as part of its religious creed. This is not ‎an idea that can be rooted out but its proponents ‎and the mob following them can be brutally pounded. ‎They must be repeatedly and aggressively struck down, ‎just like you would when treating a chronic disease. ‎

When it comes to Hamas, Israel must change its modus ‎operandi and go from being reactive to being ‎proactive. There is no need to wait for enemy ‎provocation to act; we must relentlessly strike it ‎regardless. Terms like “cease-fire” and “equation” ‎should be removed from our vocabulary and the only ‎reality on the ground should be one in which we, for ‎our own reasons, choose whether or not to open fire.‎

Israelis, living in a constant state of criminal ‎extortion, have become accustomed to paying ‎‎”protection fees” for some peace and quiet. It is ‎time to set aside steps promoting appeasement in favor of ‎action spelling the military and economic defeat of ‎Hamas, its leaders and its supporters. ‎We must be ready for a prolonged war if we are to ‎shorten the duration of the overall conflict.

Dr. Reuven Berko was the adviser on Arab affairs to the Jerusalem district police and a writer for Israel Hayom.