A Palestinian teacher and her school’s principal recently explained on official Palestinian Authority TV how their students are taught to anticipate the end of Israel. An exhibition at the school featured a map of “Palestine,” which included all of Israel and the P.A. areas, and displayed numerous small, torn Israeli flags and large, whole Palestinian flags.

The flags represent Israeli sovereignty being replaced by Palestinian sovereignty over all of Israel. To make sure there was no doubt about the meaning of the exhibit, the teacher stressed that “we hope to liberate Palestine.” The P.A. TV host thanked the principal for the “good effort” to educate Palestinian children.

Teacher Manal Al-Tanbour: “Allah willing, this is our vision, and we hope to liberate Palestine, break the chains, smash the check points, tear down the separation wall like the Berlin Wall was torn down, Allah willing, and may we achieve the liberation of Palestine.”

Official P.A. TV reporter: “An impressive image and a map that we hope to achieve soon. We wish for the liberation of … I want to thank you very much for this initiative. I want to thank the school principal who is with us for this good effort to educate our male and female students.” [Official P.A. TV, Palestine This Morning, May 16, 2019]
Full report at PMW.