Sanad al-Turman, a Palestinian resident of eastern Jerusalem who plowed his car into a group of Israeli soldiers on their way to a ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem earlier this month, wounding 12, uploaded a video of himself reciting a poem prior to the attack calling for the murder of Israelis.

The poem, uncovered by Israeli media watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch, includes quotations from the Koran, and the phrases “tear the gangs of invaders into pieces” and “let them taste instant death”:

“Stand proud and tall like the minarets / Send your bullets like the ‘stones of hard clay’ [Koran, Sura 105:4] / Tear the gangs of invaders into pieces, and let them taste instant death, by [angel] Gabriel / Burn the tyrants’ corpses and their filth, and pour gasoline on their organs / Let them burn all the palm trees in our courtyards—we will rise like palm trees above the palm trees / If they destroy all of the minarets above us—we [will be] like the minarets, then you will hear the call: Praise Allah.”

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction also uploaded the video to both their official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Although the video would appear to be in violation of Facebook’s “Community Standards,” it is still available for view on Fatah’s official Facebook page and on Fatah’s official Twitter page.

“It is inexcusable that this … video promoting violence is still available for view on Fatah’s Facebook page more than a week after it was first posted,” said senior PMW analyst Nan Jacques Zilberdik. “This inaction simply reinforces our belief that it is Facebook’s policy to allow Fatah’s terror promotion on their social-media platform.”

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