Two Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, a scientist ‎and a doctor, were found dead in Algeria on Sunday ‎under what Palestinian media described as “suspicious ‎circumstances,” sparking ‎speculations that the two may have been assassinated.‎

Algerian authorities have launched an investigation ‎into their deaths. ‎

The victims were identified as scientist ‎Suliman ‎Muhammad al-Farra, 34, and Muhammad Hamid al-Banna‎, ‎a 35-year-old physician, both from the southern Gaza ‎town of Khan Younis. ‎

Palestinian media reported the deceased had been found dead in al-‎Farra’s apartment in Zeralda, a suburb of the ‎capital Algiers.‎

According to the reports, the Palestinian Embassy in ‎Algiers‎ informed the families that al-Farra and Albana‎ had died ‎from gas inhalation due to a leak.‎

The embassy ‎denied allegations that the two ‎had been assassinated, saying no foul play was ‎suspected. ‎

While both men were from Gaza, it was not ‎immediately clear whether they had any linked to ‎Hamas, the terrorist group that rules the coastal ‎enclave. ‎It also remains unclear what they were doing in Algiers‎. ‎

In April, Hamas accused the Mossad, Israel’s ‎national intelligence agency, of killing one its ‎scientists, a rocket expert named Fadi al-Batsh, in ‎a drive-by shooting in Malaysia. ‎

In 2016, the terrorist group accused Israel of ‎assassinating Mohammed Alzoari, one of its drone ‎experts, in Tunisia.‎