Several Palestinian terrorists breached the Israel-‎Gaza Strip border on Sunday and torched a nearby ‎abandoned Israel Defense Forces post. Israeli troops scrambled to the area, ‎but the Palestinian cell managed to cross the border ‎back to Gaza unscathed.‎

The military has dubbed these types of incidents, which are on the rise, as ‎‎“stings.” Defense officials said the IDF holds Hamas ‎responsible for such incidents, as it does for the ‎weekly border riots and the arson terrorism campaign ‎that has been wreaking havoc on Israeli border ‎communities for weeks. ‎

Palestinian kite terrorism, running rampant on the ‎Gaza frontier since late April, ‎has so far ‎decimated more than 8,000 acres of forest and ‎‎‎agricultural ‎‎land ‎on the Israeli side of the border, ‎causing millions of dollars ‎in damage.‎

Some 35 fires were sparked in Gaza-vicinity ‎communities on Sunday by incendiary kites and helium balloons carrying firebombs. ‎Hundreds of firefighters and volunteers battled the ‎flames for hours before getting them under control.‎

IDF officials said that the military has technological means for detecting airborne incendiary devices, adding that two-thirds of those launched over the border are, in fact, ‎intercepted by various means.‎

Israeli aircraft fired warning shots at two ‎terrorist kite cells on Sunday—one in central Gaza and ‎the other in its south. ‎

In response, Hamas warned it has incendiary and ‎explosive kites that can reach the Israeli city of Beersheva, some 35 ‎kilometers (22 miles) from Gaza. ‎

Political and defense officials warned that ‎after three months of border riots and two months of ‎kite terrorism, Israel’s patience is wearing thin.‎

While Hamas is showing no signs it is willing to ‎curtail these campaigns, some defense officials ‎insist that the terrorist group is not trying to provoke a full-fledged war ‎with Israel. ‎

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said ‎last week that Israel “has no intention of being ‎dragged [into a military confrontation]. We ‎will do what it takes when it’s necessary.”‎

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also warned that “anyone who drags us into a [military] ‎confrontation will greatly regret it.”

Also on Sunday, the government approved two plans to ‎boost social services in Israeli communities ‎adjacent to the Gaza border at a cost of NIS 5 million ($1.4 million).‎ Both programs will be overseen by Social Equality ‎Minister Gila Gamliel, whose ministry will fund ‎them.‎

One program will focus on streamlining digital ‎services in border communities, and the other will ‎promote youth activities and welfare in the area.‎

‎“The best answer to terrorism is maintaining a ‎normal life,” said Gamliel. “These programs make it clear to Hamas ‎that we are here to stay, and they better get used to ‎it.”

She added that “these programs will help ‎the residents of the Gaza-vicinity communities and ‎Sderot to continue bravely facing the threat of Gaza ‎terrorism.”