At a protest in support of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in outside the Venezuelan Representative Office in Ramallah, protestors chanted: “Oh Hugo Chávez, oh martyr. … We will not relinquish your goals. … America, you are terrorism. … To the dustbin with your ‘deal of the century.’ … Trample on those who normalize [relations with Israel] and on the spies.”

Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen, who was present, conveyed a “message of solidarity” with the “brotherly” people of Venezuela. He said he is convinced that the people and the army of Venezuela will rally around President Maduro and successfully thwart the American “plot” to “bring the world to its knees.” Muhaisen also said that the world is suffering because of the “stupid and crazy” U.S. president, Donald Trump. He saluted Maduro, the Venezuelan army, and the people of Venezuela, and added that the Palestinian people pledge to “bring down” Trump’s “deal of the century.”

The video of the protest was uploaded to the Internet on May 21, 2019.

Jamal Muhaisen: “In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate. Your excellency, my brother, the ambassador of brotherly Venezuela, we are here today—as political forces, civil society activists and religious leaders—in order to convey a message of solidarity with the brotherly people in Venezuela, who are confronting this American attack that is targeting the regime and the people. We are convinced that the rallying of the army and the people around the Venezuelan leadership and around President Maduro will thwart this American plot, which is trying to bring the entire world down to its knees. Today, the entire world is suffering because of the U.S. president—a stupid and crazy president, who is trying to ignite conflicts all over the world.

“He has now become a threat to peace and security, not only in Venezuela and Latin America, or in the Arab Gulf, or in confronting Iran, China and Russia, but in confronting the world in its entirety. Just as we, the Palestinian people, pledge to bring down the ‘deal of the century,’ we are convinced that the Venezuelan people, with its rallying around its leadership, and the Venezuelan army, with its rallying around its leadership, will also thwart this American plot to interfere in the internal affairs of the Venezuelan people. The Venezuelan people will remain—as we have always known them to be—a free people that does not accept being enslaved to the United States or to anyone else. We salute President Maduro, and we salute the Venezuelan army that has rallied around its leadership. We salute the Venezuelan people. We are convinced that the free people in the world will thwart all Trump’s plots, together with this entire fascist regime that leads the American administration today.”

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