Imam Abdelmohsen Abouhatab, who is of Egyptian origin, delivered several anti-Semitic sermons at the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society in Philadelphia.

On Feb. 15, he said that the Jews are the vilest people in terms of their nature and moral values, and that the “nefarious” Jewish media causes people to see Muslims as “oppressive and predatory lions.” He said that the “enemies of Allah” are ordering heads of state to come to the Knesset, where they sit and “plot against their people, according to what the others want.”

Abouhatab then told his audience that in one of Israel’s wars, former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin had once made bets on whether a pregnant woman was carrying a boy or a girl before slitting her belly open to find out. Abouhatab added: “If faith had taken root in our hearts … we would have imposed the word of Islam upon the world.”

On Jan. 11, 2018, Imam Abouhatab said that the propaganda and media are controlled by the Jews, who make people think that “power lies with 15 million people who own and control the riches of the world.” On Nov. 16, 2018, Imam Abouhatab said that an Israeli prime minister had once been asked about the hadith about the rocks and the trees calling to Muslims to kill the Jews hiding behind them, and that he had answered: “The hadith is true, but we are doing our best to prevent this.”

The Al-Aqsa Islamic Society has been involved in many interfaith activities. It has hosted Philadelphia’s Interfaith Peacewalk since 2003 and has a full-time private Islamic school called Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy. The sermons were streamed live on the mosque’s YouTube channel. In October 2018, the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society posted to its Facebook page a condemnation of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, in which it called for people of faith to stand united in condemnation of the attack.

Imam Abdemohsen Abouhatab [On Feb. 15, 2019]: Allah sent down the best divine books to the Arab race. He sent them the best messengers, and He gave them customs and moral values that you cannot find in any other race: the [Arabs] are courageous, dignified, and noble.


The Jews are the vilest people in terms of their moral values, their nature, and their violation of agreements, but when they lived near Arabs, they adopted some of their moral values and customs.


If a Muslim lives somewhere [in the West], he is viewed according to the way the nefarious Jewish media portrays him—as an oppressive and predatory lion.


We have many treasures. The mountains are full of treasures. The oceans are full of treasures. The belly of the Earth is filled with treasures. These treasures are available to no one but the Arabs and Muslims. Yet, [unintelligible] on us. Why? Because we are overcome by our spiritual defeat. It made us think that 99 percent of the cards are held by non-Muslims. The enemies of Allah are now freely touring the [Arab] capitals and they order the heads [of state] to come to the table at the Knesset. They sit there and plot against their people, according to what the others want.


Remember Sabra and Shatila. Remember the wars of the past. Remember how [former Israeli Prime Minister] Menachem Begin, that Polish crook, would stand next to a pregnant woman and would make bets whether it is a boy or a girl. He would make bets, while the woman was still alive! Then he would slut her belly open, while she was still alive, to see whether it is a boy or a girl. Just like that. This happened. This happened.


By Allah, if faith had taken root in our hearts, things would have been different. We would have imposed the word of Islam upon the world, like those before us did.


[On January 11, 2019]: The propaganda and the media are controlled by them. They make you see things in an altered and inflated way. They make you think that power lies in castles, fortresses, and weapons—that power lies with 15 million people who own and control the riches of the world.


They say all over the world that Allah created the Muslims by mistake. Then they add: “And we have come to correct Allah’s mistake.” This is what they say: “We have come to correct Allah’s mistake of [creating] these Muslims.” Allah Akbar! This is their usual approach towards Allah. Have they not said: “The hand of Allah is shackled?” Have they not said: “Allah is poor and we are rich”?


[On November 16, 2018]: One day, the prime minister of the occupying entity was asked about the hadith in which the Prophet Muhammad said: “You will fight the Jews—you to the east of the river, and they to the west. Then the rocks and the trees will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’ ” [The prime minister said:] “The hadith is true, but we are doing our best to prevent this.”

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