With early elections in Israel set for April 9, 2019, Tipping Point hosted political analyst Professor Abraham Diskin for an in-depth conversation about what may be Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s last campaign.

How would a possible indictment against the prime minister impact results? (03:02) Which party will pivot in the upcoming elections? (07:17) Will the political stars be able to meet the high threshold needed to enter the Knesset (09:25), and how does this threshold actually harm the larger parties, contrary to popular belief (12:28)?

Also on this podcast: Can Benny Gantz be Israel’s next prime minister (13:54), and what are the four major issues of this campaign (14:54)? Examine whether a publication of U.S. President Donald Trump’s peace plan may help or hinder Netanyahu’s chances of winning (17:07), and whether the premier is entering this election campaign at a disadvantage security wise (19:44).

Before we wrap up, Diskin provides his bets for the elections results and the key figures involved (26:05), as well as discusses one of the most fascinating elections in the country’s history and guessing whether the current campaign can overshadow it (32:03).