On March 17, the pro-Al-Qaeda cleric from Gaza, Nael Musran Bin Ghazi, wrote a message on Telegram in Arabic and English in response to the New Zealand terror attacks of March 15, 2019. He called on Muslims to respond to the massacre not with words and social-media activity, but by supporting the jihad “to relieve the Muslims from the oppression of disbelief.”

The post titled “It isn’t enough” was shared on several English language pro-Al-Qaeda Telegram channels. The cleric’s argument is similar to many of the jihadi-salafi reactions in the wake of the attack, which stress that verbal condemnation is not sufficient in light of the severity of the attacks, which are described as having touched the entire Muslim nation and necessitating a violent response.

The above post was shared on the Syrian Guardians of Tawheed Telegram channel, which belongs to Al-Qaeda militants.

The following is the text posted on Telegram, slightly edited for clarity:

“It isn’t enough …

“It is not enough to respond to the tragedies of the Muslims with only a few tweets or just by sharing news on social media, and to be satisfied with that, and then claiming as an excuse to oneself that one made all the possible efforts and spent energy in response to the call of help and support of the religion.

“Every act of support that is not built upon declaring jihad to relieve the Muslims from the oppression of unbelief is an act of support which in truth reveals the weakness and feebleness of the entire body of the Islamic ummah, even if it is an act of support which comes from good intentions. […]

[The ummah] witnesses the systematic massacre and the organized Jahiliya, and makes do with expressing sorrow and rage over the religion under attack, without organizing support to match the level of the organized unbelief.”