(May 5, 2020 / PROMOTED CONTENT) 

PROMOTED CONTENT / Every Jewish institution now needs security. Jews have been murdered in Pittsburgh, San Diego and Jersey City, beaten on the streets of Brooklyn, harassed in the universities, defamed by The New York Times and CNN, and now maligned in the U.S. Congress.

We propose a “Ten Point Initiative” to counter the assaults, as a starting point to re-examine failed communal policies.

For electronic copies and to join a discussion, go to: Peaceandtolerance.org/ten

Ten Point Initiative

  1. Declare a State of Urgency:
    Publicly declare that the community is under assault and will no longer tolerate demonization of Jews.
  2. Increase Physical Security:
    Change the risk/reward ratio for those who would assault us: Increased police presence, neighborhood Security Patrols, facilitation of legal gun ownership, holding public officials accountable for inaction.
  1. Reprioritize Jewish communal resources:
    Sanctity of life is the highest Jewish value: allocate more for defense of the Jewish community and less for Social Justice projects.
  2. Educate the community and public about the nature and sources of Jew-hatred:
    Jew-hatred is being distorted for political or ideological purposes by attempts to universalize it to the meaningless abstraction of “hate” in general. Jew-hatred has always been aimed at the elimination of Judaism (forced conversion), or of Jews (Final Solution) or of the Jewish State (anti-Zionism). Jew-Hatred is promoted by lies and demonization, propelled by class warfare and now by identity politics. Launch PR campaigns to promote our narrative. Jews need to be a protected class.
  3. Update the Zionist narrative:
    Include and emphasize the oppression and expulsion of 800,000 Mizrahi Jews from Arab countries, and the related history of Islamic Jew-hatred. We cannot let Arab oil money and Marxist ideology dominate our high school and university Middle East curriculum.
  4. Rethink Holocaust Education:
    Which has become less effective as it has become universalized. Implement mandatory sensitivity-training about Jews in schools, universities, government organizations as well as in private sector settings.
  5. Expose and deconstruct social theories and rhetorical methods that result in the demonization of Jews:
    Especially the Post-Modern view of the Truth, Moral Relativism, Intersectionality, and a “Diversity” that excludes Jews. We have to fight the lies and liars including those who use double standards and hypocrisy as political weapons.
  6. Expose and counter the threat of importing Jew-hating immigrants:
    Vetting immigrants about their beliefs concerning Jews must be a priority. Political correctness and false historical analogies must not continue to blind us.
  7. Restructure Jewish education (and make it affordable):
    With an increased emphasis on Jewish pride, Jewish identity, Torah tradition, and the centrality and importance of Jewish Peoplehood (Israel); Inoculate our young people, who are being hijacked by utopian cults, and simplistic solutions to the human condition.
  8. Build alliances based on mutual interests and honest reciprocity:
    Jewish support has not been reciprocated. Reach out to alienated, neglected working class Americans of all races; build alliances with other victims of the Progressive-Islamist alliance including Conservatives, Christians, and especially diaspora Christian communities from Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Sudan.

The Jewish community has enormous talents, and significant resources which have often been used to benefit America and the world. We now need to direct the energy and inventiveness of the community to fight the epidemic of hate that is plaguing our community.

For electronic copies and to join a discussion, go to www.peaceandtolerance.org/ten

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