(August 11, 2020 / )These are mysterious yet miraculous times, affirms Josh Reinstein, president of the Israel Allies Foundation and director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. On one hand, he explains, the world has witnessed the most remarkable fulfillment of biblical prophecy—the Jewish people’s return to Israel, and the prosperity and contributions of this tiny country in just 72 years. At the same time, the world has seen an uptick in anti-Semitism, which often takes the form of anti-Zionism and fosters unexpected alliances between groups that are fighting against the most fundamental biblical values.

Through his initiative of faith-based diplomacy, Reinstein is at the center of this tension of such worldviews. In his new book—Titus, Trump and the Triumph of Israel: The Power of Faith-Based Diplomacy, which will be released on Sept. 1 and can be purchased presale on Amazon—Reinstein explains what lies behind the recent wave of support for Israel (and its counter force), clarifying what drives the political actions that we witness today, and suggesting a path forward.

Reinstein, who grew up in Dallas, Texas, and Toronto, Canada, before moving to Israel and being named one of the world’s “50 most influential Jews” in 2012, tells JNS of his goal to inform readers of how to understand Israel, claiming, “When you look at Israel from a political point of view, without the biblical [perspective], you miss it.”

Take, for example, the story of Emperor Titus, head of the Roman army that led the siege of Jerusalem in the year 70 C.E. After he destroyed the Second Temple and removed the menorah, Titus declared victory over Israel, believing that this was the end of Judaism. “But from a biblical point of view,” says Reinstein, “it was the fulfillment of prophecy, as the Jews were kicked out of Israel and sent to the four corners of the earth to later regather in the land.”

The clash of these two worldviews, explains Reinstein, still exists today. “There are people on one side who don’t believe in the God of Israel, and who are often proponents of anti-Semitism, and they are fostering some unexpected alliances between mainline Christian groups, leftist and Muslims. And at the same time, we see other Christians and Jews providing a counterforce, who are coming together to defend Israel,” he relates.

What lies behind the relationship and support, he claims, is the common perspective that these are not just timely alliances, but the fulfillment of biblical prophecy in the Land of Israel. In addition to explaining the relationship and how it works, the new book (published by Gefen, Israel’s leading publisher of English books), he says, explores the potential of the alliance for both Israel and the world.

A large part of this potential can be seen playing out on the modern world stage. Over the last decade, Reinstein has sent an empowering message to Christians to turn their prayers into policy: “Praying for the government of Israel is great, but individuals and churches can take action and get involved with biblical fulfillment in Israel, turning faith into political action.”

Highlighted in the book is the role of U.S. President Donald Trump on major Middle East policies, which Reinstein says “has been worked on for decades, and that come from the fact that Bible-believing Christians, who act as a strong base in the Republican Party, have brought the issues to light, leading to some of the greatest successes Israel could imagine in the last three years.”

As a result of faith-based diplomacy, explains Reinstein, more Christians are viewing recent events in Israel as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and have therefore advocated for “some of the most incredible successes in Israel, including the moving of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; recognition of the Golan Heights; the defunding of UNRWA; the passing of the Taylor Force Act; and anti-BDS legislation that has rendered the movement essentially over.”

“Without Christians getting involved and Trump keeping his word, these successes wouldn’t have happened,” he poses, further encouraging Christians to continue the path forward to “get out and do something for Israel, as “faith-based diplomacy is working before our very eyes.”

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