(June 15, 2020 / )

StandWithUs is proud to announce the online global premiere of our powerful new 40-minute documentary, Minority of One.  The screening will take place on June 22nd at 11am PDT, followed by a live Q&A with the subject of the documentary, Hussein Aboubakr. The trailer and a link to register for the global premiere are available HERE.

How does a regular boy from Cairo grow up to hate Jews? How does he free his mind from that toxic hatred and begin actively fighting against it, even at the risk of losing his life? What do pivotal world events like 9/11, the rise of the digital Information Age, and the Arab Spring look like through his eyes? Minority of One answers these questions and more through the harrowing and inspiring story of Hussein Aboubakr, a former political refugee from Cairo, Egypt.

“I believe Minority of One illustrates the crucial importance of education. No one is born evil,” said Hussein Aboubakr, who is now a StandWithUs Educator. “I know from personal experience that those who promote antisemitism and other forms of hatred are often themselves victims of indoctrination and bad ideas which pervade their community and society. I hope this documentary inspires people around the world to fight bad ideas with good ones, so they can change their reality for the better.”

Aboubakr published a book with the same title on May 20th, 2020, which delves even deeper into the story he tells in the documentary.

“We are very excited to host this unique online premiere that audiences around the world can enjoy from home,” said Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs. “This is a story that needs to be told. We believe Minority of One will offer people of all backgrounds inspiration and hope during these difficult times.”

The film is produced by StandWithUs and written by Hussein Aboubakr. It is directed and edited by Ori Guendelman, a professional writer and director based in Los Angeles. Guendelman is a member of the Writers Guild of America West, has had his screenplays featured on the prestigious Hollywood Black List, and has worked with numerous studios and production companies. The lead producer is Max Samarov, Executive Director of Research & Strategy at StandWithUs. Minority of One also features original illustrations by visual development artist Mari Takeyama.

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