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Few things are certainties in a fast-changing world. But there’s little doubt that the rising tide of antisemitism and demonization of Israel will continue to worsen in the upcoming year, or that the mainstream media will be a big part of the problem. Equally certain is that most of the outlets Jews have long relied on to cover their community won’t be much help.

That’s why JNS is more necessary than ever.

The dilemma for consumers of Jewish news is real.

We know that the legacy corporate media will be laying siege to Israel’s new government in the coming months, seeking to delegitimize its members and the policies that the Jewish state’s voters support.

We also know that coverage of the increasing instances of celebrities spewing antisemitism is being skewed, by journalists that don’t take the issue seriously, or who are willing to give a pass to those who demonize Israel.

On college campuses, leftist websites and in pop-culture venues terrible ideas such as intersectionality and critical race theory are being introduced, that grant antisemitism a permission slip into mainstream discourse.

At the same time, mainstream Jewish organizations and establishment media are not only failing to combat these trends but are, in many instances, part of the problem.

That is why a publication that you can trust to supply you with accurate information as well as the sort of analysis and opinion that puts it all in perspective is absolutely vital. In a media environment in which moral equivalence between those who want to destroy the one Jewish state on the planet and those who seek to defend it is commonplace, JNS is an oasis of truth regarding Jewish life in Israel and elsewhere.

JNS: No substitute

JNS is a unique source of news, analysis and opinion that is accurate, reliable and also always tells the truth about what is happening in Israel and the Jewish world, without the usual slant that an overwhelmingly biased media employs when reporting about these issues.

There is simply no other outlet that combines the highest standards of journalism with a dedication to presenting the facts about Jewish topics. If you want to know what’s really happening in Israel and about controversies elsewhere where Jewish lives and interests are at stake, there is no daily journalism substitute for what you can find in JNS.

Every day, JNS publishes important stories and lively opinion columns that arm you with the facts and the arguments that you need. And you can also rely on our podcasts and JNS-TV programs for in-depth information unavailable anywhere else.

Please consider making your year-end gift to JNS.

But we can’t do it alone. We need more than your readership and applause. In order to go on publishing and broadcasting and providing this service to the Jewish world, we need your financial help to keep JNS on target as we continue to do the job that no one else does in this same way.

We rely on the tax-deductible charitable donations of readers and supporters to carry on the fight for honest journalism about Israel and the Jewish world.

As the calendar year of 2022 ends, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to JNS today.

While many other worthy causes seek financial help, I hope you will agree with me that supporting Jewish journalism at a time when Israel and the Jewish people remain under threat from anti-Semitism, the BDS movement, intersectional ideology and global terrorism is more important than ever.

I hope you will deem JNS to be an essential need that cannot be allowed to fail for lack of funds. And I hope we can count on you this year and next.

To contribute, please click on the link to donate to JNS.

Thank you again for your support and readership. I look forward to hearing from you in the coming year as we continue to bring you the best in Jewish journalism.

Wishing you and your families a happy Hanukkah, as well as continued good health in 2023!

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