Following Palestinian Media Watch director Itamar Marcus’s recent briefings before members of parliament and government officials in Norway and Sweden, Parliament members from both countries said they would seek changes in their governments’ funding to the Palestinian Authority.

Marcus provided numerous examples of the P.A.’s escalating messages of anti-Semitism, and its hate education to children, and detailed the P.A.’s policy of financially rewarding imprisoned terrorists and families of purported “martyrs.”

Marcus discussed the P.A.’s payments of salaries to Palestinian terrorist prisoners and allowances to families of dead terrorists, the “martyrs,” with government officials. He called on MPs in Norway and Sweden to follow the example of their Dutch counterparts and set the stage for a Europe-wide uniform 7 percent reduction in donor funds to the P.A. unless and until it stops its “pay-for-slay policy” of doling out salaries to terrorist prisoners, released prisoners and families of dead terrorists.

Appalled that Norwegian humanitarian aid could be used to reward terrorists, Norwegian MP Ingjerd Schoucommented: “I do not think it’s a good idea to give any funding to prisoners. … We have to use Norwegian money to make peace. We should reinforce all the good activities.”

Upon seeing Marcus’ documentation, Swedish MP Mikael Oscarsson immediately responded:We want to do as they’ve done in the Dutch parliament to cut the funding to the P.A. [by 7 percent], because we need to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority.”

Oscarsson was referring to recent legislation passed in Holland to cut funding to the P.A. by 7 percent, the amount of the P.A.’s 2018 budget allocated to rewarding terrorists. Dutch parliament voted 94-56 to cut aid to the Palestinian Authority just three weeks after Marcus’s November presentation before Dutch MPs.

He says he is planning on using PMW’s documentation beyond the funding cuts to accomplish broader changes of opinions in Sweden: “We’re very thankful that PMW is giving us the facts so that we in the Swedish parliament can use these facts in order to change Swedish attitudes.”

Marcus showed the MPs the P.A.’s Antisemitic messages, which have increased in recent years. Among them were for example religious figures on official P.A. TV who presented Jews as the source of all evil in the world, at times adding that their goal is extermination of the Jews. One of them, Masoud Rayyaan, a lecturer on Islamic Shari’a at a Palestinian university, explained that Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews, as were the Babylonians, Romans, and other Europeans. Even P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas himself has claimed that the Jews suffered the Holocaust due to their behavior, i.e. because of their “social roles” connected to “usury and banks.”

Upon hearing these and other Antisemitic statements, the Norwegian and Swedish MPs criticized this P.A. hate speech, which has a striking similarity to Nazi Germany’s messages about Jews prior to the Holocaust.

“When P.A. leaders teach Palestinians that Jews are the cause of everything bad that happens in the world, and that Jews have an inherently evil nature and are threatening ‘all of humanity,’ this is a repetition of the worst Antisemitic messaging,” said Marcus. “These hate messages are also directed at Palestinian children and thus passed on to the next generation. Sports tournaments, school books, cultural events and even music videos glorify terrorists and encourage Palestinian youth to aspire to kill and be killed.”