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The solution to delegitimization begins in Israel

The time has come to change tactics. Instead of trying to limit the incomes of radical left-wing organizations with foreign funding, we should be preventing their expenditures for this sabotage activity.

Euros. Credit: Wikipedia.
Euros. Credit: Wikipedia.
Yair Gabbay
Yair Gabbay

The outpouring of condemnation following the outrageous decision by the International Criminal Court at The Hague conceals a simple truth: Radical Israeli left-wing organizations, funded by foreign countries, stand behind it, as do many others that censure Israel.

All are aimed at pressuring Israel into establishing a Palestinian state whose capital is eastern Jerusalem, and offering the “right of return” to 5.6 million Arabs registered with the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) as 1948 refugees. These organizations, which include “B’Tselem,” “Peace Now,” “Yesh Din,” “Breaking the Silence” and others, have found a route to bypass democracy.

Time after time they fail in Israeli elections, as the electorate rejects their phony “peace” plan that would return the country back to the 1967 borders—“Auschwitz borders,” as dubbed by the late statesman Abba Eban.

These organizations receive money from the budgets of foreign nations, which couldn’t care less about Israel’s future, and are solely motivated by the desire to avoid an influx of these refugees into their European countries. These foreign funds are then used to generate position papers and “research studies” as a basis for anti-Israel decisions.

Thus, for example, the Goldstone Commission, established to investigate “Operation Cast Lead” in 2009, dedicated an entire chapter to the claim that Israel was quietly conducting an “Arab transfer” program; in reality, however, the demographic ratio in Jerusalem was steadily rising in favor of the Arab population, approaching 60/40. According to the Goldstone Report, the “facts” on which the allegation was based originated with “Peace Now.”

The Israeli government has been trying for years to undo the damage inflicted by these organizations. The time has come to change tactics. Instead of trying to limit the incomes of these organizations, we should be preventing their expenditures for this sabotage activity.

In the upcoming Knesset, I intend to propose a bill mandating a state-appointed comptroller to audit the accounts of organizations acting against state interests. The comptroller will be required to co-sign all transactions of these accounts and will veto any outlay of funds for the purpose of promoting a boycott or the indictment of IDF soldiers.

Adv. Yair Gabbay is a former Jerusalem City Council Member and current Likud Knesset candidate.

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