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The West is blind to the jihad against Israel

“The Caroline Glick Show,” with Caroline Glick and guest Gershon Hacohen , Ep. 54

Caroline Glick and her guest this week on “The Caroline Glick Show,” IDF Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen, analyze Israel’s achievements in the last round of fighting with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group. They discuss the group’s significance in the overall global jihad and how its position in the axis of jihad both constrains Israel’s actions and lends greater importance to Israel’s actions last week than one might think.

Hacohen and Glick expand the discussion to a consideration of the Afghan roots of the current jihad. They analyze the nature of Islamist societies grounded in jihad, the strains caused in the Islamic world by jihad and the requirements for defeating the forces of jihad against Israel and against the world as a whole.

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