The United States is expected to announce on Monday that it will officially recognize the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a “foreign terrorist organization,” an unprecedented categorization for the army of an independent country.

Part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, its Quds Force has already been sanctioned by the United States, but never before has an entire national army been deemed a terror organization.

On Sunday, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted that “#NetanyahuFirsters who have long agitated for FTO designation of the IRGC fully understand its consequences for US forces in the region. In fact, they seek to drag US into a quagmire on his behalf. @realDonaldTrump should know better than to be conned into another US disaster.”

If the designation goes through, Americans will be banned from doing business with or providing support to IRGC, and its assets inside the United States will be frozen.

Work in Lebanon and Iraq may also be affected, due to restrictions pertaining to with whom U.S. officials can operate.

The State Department has warned that Iranian agents could retaliate against American embassies and consulates, and that increased security measures were warranted in light of the announcement.

There are currently 60 groups on the U.S. State Department terror list, including ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and others.

Congress will have seven days to review the designation and issue objections before it goes into action.