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Biden’s State Department goes BDS

State Department boycotts Jews in Judea, Iran ramps up its terrorist & nuclear ambitions and Israeli officials invitations to US Embassy get lost in the mail. Caroline Glick breaks down the news this week.

In this week’s episode, Caroline Glick focuses on three main issues. The first is the Biden administration’s new directive banning the United States from carrying out scientific cooperation with Israeli Jewish institutions in Judea and Samaria.

The U.S. State Department informed Congress of the move last Friday night when Congress was going into recess. It only became widely known after journalists got wind of it. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has issued a blistering statement excoriating the administration over the move.

Caroline analyzes the situation and what it says about the basic hostility to Zionism that stands at the base of the Biden administration’s policies towards Israel specifically and the Middle East generally.

The second topic is Iran. Glick recounts the latest revelations about Iran’s nuclear efforts and terrorist plots. She then describes how Albania and Paris have taken actions—apparently, at the behest of the Biden administration—to subvert and weaken Iranian regime opponents operating on their soil, to the benefit of Tehran.

The Biden administration remains completely committed to its goal of realigning the United States away from Israel and towards Iran, she argues.

Caroline describes the administration’s rationale and the actions it is taking to undermine the two greatest threats to its goal: Israel and opponents of the Iranian regime, in and out of Iran.

Finally, Caroline discusses the U.S. embassy’s decision to ban government ministers and coalition Knesset members from its annual July 4 party. In their place, the embassy has invited all the opposition leaders and the leaders of the left-wing riots and campaigns of organized violence against the government in and out of Israel.

The embassy’s behavior puts paid to the claim that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is responsible for turning Israel into a partisan issue.

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