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From Jenin to Eli, the engine behind the terror machine

After a horrific terror attack in Eli and a massive roadside bomb in Jenin, the U.S. State Department condemns settlements. Caroline explains the bigger picture in her run-down this week.

Palestinian terrorists from northern Samaria, armed with M-16s, massacred four Israelis on Tuesday at a restaurant by the town of Eli. Seven other Israelis were wounded, one critically. The previous day, Palestinian terrorists in the northern Samaria city of Jenin ambushed Israel Defense Forces with a massive roadside bomb. As the IDF worked to evacuate the wounded, Palestinian terrorists attacked them with a continuous barrage of bullets from all sides.

It took hours for the IDF to evacuate five vehicles trapped by the blast. To ensure the safety of the wounded, the Israeli Air Force was deployed for the first time in more than 20 years.

In her news analysis this week, Caroline Glick set out the rationales for Palestinian terror and the engines behind the terror machine that grows more powerful before our eyes.

Disclaimer: This show was taped before the terror attack in Eli.

In the context of escalating Palestinian capabilities—with northern Samaria looking more like Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon from week to week—Caroline considered the U.S. State Department’s decision to single out Israel this week for condemnation in its press briefing.

What stands behind the Biden administration’s abject refusal to understand the genocidal Jew-hatred at the heart of Palestinian nationalism and opt instead to blame the absence of Palestinian-Israel peace on Jews who insist on living in Judea and the Israeli government who permits them to lawfully build communities in the area? As the specter of another major Israeli counter-terrorism campaign in Samaria rises, don’t miss Caroline’s analysis for context and a 360-degree explanation of what is happening on the ground in Israel and throughout the Middle East.

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