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Iranian-American broadcaster attacked in California

Iran's new nuclear site, Biden's fumbles on antisemitism, and a light at the end of the tunnel for leftist Jew hatred? Caroline Glick breaks down this week's news.

In Caroline’s news analysis this week, she opened with the disturbing report that Ahmad Obali, who was a guest on the show in October, was brutally attacked with his son last week in California. Obali is the director of Gunaz TV, the Azerbaijani-language satellite station that broadcasts to millions inside Iran, and throughout the Middle East and Europe. Caroline went on to give an overview of developments in Iran and the region.

Caroline continued her update with analyses of the Biden administration’s newly announced strategy for combating anti-Semitism, and the Israeli left’s internalization of Zionism is racism canard. Caroline concluded the show with a promising, albeit tenuous development on the U.S. left that could spell the start of a breakup of the intersectional alliance over progressives’ embrace of anti-Semitism.

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