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Is Bibi a criminal?

“The Caroline Glick Show” with Caroline Glick and guest Moshe Kovarsky, Ep. 55

Two years into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s criminal trial, the charges against him have completely collapsed. The prosecution has been exposed as politicized and corrupt. This week’s “Caroline Glick Show” is devoted to a review of what we’ve learned about the nature of the charges, the prosecution’s perversion of criminal procedure, the rights of witnesses and the rights of the accused.

Caroline’s guest this week is Moshik Kovarsky. Moshik, who co-founded Project 315 two years ago to go through the specific claims against Netanyahu, has been following and reporting on the proceedings in the Jerusalem District Court on a daily basis.

Moshik and Caroline walk listeners through the charges and the major prosecution witnesses, providing the most comprehensive understanding of the case, and what it has done to Israel, available anywhere.

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