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Israeli morning TV-show host goes Goebbels

"Caroline Glick Show", Caroline Glick breaks down the latest news this week.

Galit Gutman, a former supermodel turned morning TV host for Israel’s Channel 12 news, turned on her inner anti-Semite last week. She sat in her studio on May 19 and barked repeatedly that haredi Jews are “bloodsuckers.”
In her breakdown of the situation in Israel today, Caroline Glick explained how it came to pass that Gutman decided this would be a good idea, and why she thought it made sense to embrace rank Jew-hatred as her calling card.
In short, as she lays out, the left in Israel today is increasingly being driven not by ideology, but by paranoia and raw hatred towards the majority of Israelis who don’t vote like them. The current scapegoat attracting their attention is the ultra-Orthodox community. Gutman wasn’t a voice in the wilderness.
Watch Caroline’s no holds barred analysis, you won’t hear the facts explain this plainspokenly anywhere else.

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