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Michael Flynn unfiltered: ‘America is at grave risk’

Hear an unedited interview from one of the most decorated (and controversial) military men in the United States. “Top Story” with Jonathan Tobin and guest Gen. Michael Flynn, Ep. 109

In this week’s episode of “Top Story,” JNS editor-in-chief Jonathan Tobin conducts a wide-ranging special interview with former Michael Flynn, national security advisor in the Trump administration. Topics ranged from the retired four-star general’s thoughts on contemporary national security challenges, his experience in the military and his time working for the Obama administration.

Flynn, who was targeted in the Russia collusion investigation, spoke of that ordeal and how prosecutors threatened his family. He expressed “no regrets” about leading “Lock her up!” chants at Trump rallies—referring to former 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton—and believes that her mishandling of classified material is worthy of prosecution.

He also contrasted Trump’s refusal to investigate Democrats with the current wave of what he considers politicized indictments of former President Donald Trump. Flynn stood by his support for challenging the 2020 election results. But he did admit that in one controversy, where he said that America should only have “one religion” was “a mistake.”

He also expressed great concern about the Biden administration’s foreign and defense policies, citing the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan in August 2021, where he had served, and the appeasement of Iran, which he considers a direct threat to Israel.

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