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Netanyahu’s upcoming visit to China: A strategic analysis

Why is Netanyahu going to visit China? Is China more involved in the Middle East than we realize? “The Caroline Glick Show” with host Caroline Glick with guest Carice Witte, Ep. 61

To explore Sino-Israeli relations following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announced state visit to Beijing, Caroline Glick’s guest on this week’s “Caroline Glick Show” is Carice Witte. Witte is the founder and executive director of SIGNAL Global, an Israeli think tank that focuses on Sino-Israeli relations and on Israel’s relations with the wider Indo-Pacific region.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Witte describes the depth of China’s economic and technological penetration of and dominance in the Middle East; China’s ties with Iran and the nature of China’s strategic challenge to American power and dominance in the region.

China’s vision for a Sino-centric region is centered around an international order centered on the United Nations, according to Witte. Beijing’s bilateral relations with Jerusalem have diminished in recent years in part because of both U.S. pressure on Israel and Israeli concerns over China’s technological threat to Israeli security, she says.

Witte and Glick round out their discussion with a consideration of the nature, limitations and vast potential of Israel-China ties. Israel has an enormous capacity to help China in areas such as water and food technology, where China is vulnerable, according to Witte.

Finally, they move to the potential of Israel’s ties with middle powers in the Indo-Pacific region, first and foremost India. The potential for Indo-Israel relations is almost limitless, Witte says.

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