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Russia, Ukraine and the end of US superpower dominance

"The Caroline Glick Show" with Caroline Glick and guest David Goldman

In the aftermath of Russia’s conquest of Bakhmut, Caroline’s guest on this week’s “Caroline Glick Show” is David Goldman.

Goldman was perhaps the first commentator to point out the geostrategic implications of the Biden administration’s haphazard plan to defeat Russia.

As a guest on the “Caroline Glick Show” shortly after the Russian invasion began, Goldman warned that the U.S. sanctions would undermine the dollar’s primacy as the currency of exchange in the global economy. He warned that Russia’s failure to conquer Kyiv in the early days of the invasion meant that the Russians would revert to their traditional form of war—slow, grinding destruction through attrition.

On the show this week, Caroline and David revisit those prescient warnings in light of what has happened in the intervening months of war. They discuss the future of NATO, the security of Poland and Germany, and the future of U.S.-European relations.

From there, they turn to Russia’s burgeoning alliance with China and how this partnership impacts the Middle East generally and Israel specifically.

Join us for an in-depth discussion of the realities of our changing world that you will not get anywhere else!

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