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What is Hassan Nasrallah thinking?

Is Israel heading for war with Hezbollah? "The Caroline Glick Show" with guest Tony Badran

While the Israeli left’s insurrection is capturing the nation’s attention, Hezbollah continues its acts of aggression and extortion along the Lebanese border. The prospect of a major war rises daily.

To analyze the situation, Caroline’s guest on the “Caroline Glick Show” this week is Tony Badran from the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracy.

Tony and Caroline discussed the changed strategic environment. The United States is formally Israel’s ally against the Hezbollah terror group which controls Lebanon. But in practice, through its massive support for the Hezbollah-controlled Lebanese Armed Forces, America is protecting and empowering Hezbollah against Israel at the border and in the wider strategic arena.

For the details and implications, don’t miss this discussion.

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