Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted on Saturday night a special episode from Mark Levin’s “LevinTV,” where he interviews attorney Arthur Fergenson about the corruption allegations and what he describes as a “coup” attempt meant to topple Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

Fergenson has nearly 45 years of experience in law, including clerkships with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and the Supreme Court for then Chief Justice Warren E. Burger.

Levin and Fergenson spoke in-depth about the criminal investigations against Netanyahu, and what they see as a flawed case. Levin also compared the prosecution of Netanyahu to the efforts by the Democratic Party and the media to go after the U.S. President Donald Trump.

In September, Levin made some similar points in an interview with JNS that he sees similarities between the left in the United States and Israel, and how Netanyahu and Trump are dealing with “endless subpoenas, endless allegations and endless threats, which amount really to nothing but the attempt to criminalize politics.”

In the “LevinTV” interview (part of “BlazeTV”), Fergenson went into detail into the prosecutor’s case and the 93-page charge sheet indictment that includes 333 witnesses:

“The merits will never be reached by most people. It is designed to smother the Israeli populace; the voters. It is designed to smother any person in the press who wants to fairly analyze the charges. It is designed to smother the prime minister to prevent any fair evaluation because they are hidden in this pile of—let me say it—manure. Enormous verbiage, and most of it irrelevant,” he said.

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