CCL shul members extend their deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers to those affected by the tragedy of the July 4th parade shootings in Highland Park, Ill. At a time when we come together to take pride in our founding as a nation endowed with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, this shooting is a horrific and painful reminder that there are those who pursue violence, hatred and death.
We have also learned that earlier this spring, the perpetrator of these acts visited and observed a Shul just down the road from the parade. He entered past the Shul’s hired security—a competent off-duty police officer—and was able to observe the services for some time before his manner and behavior were recognized by diligent shul-goers, and he was asked to leave. Thankfully, he did so without incident.
Concerned Citizens League Shul Members recognize that effective security is deployed in layers. While guards are an important aspect of Synagogue security, a trained and vigilant Shul Safety Greeter or Officer is also necessary to observe and identify suspect behavior that a hired guard might overlook and stop suspicious visitors from ever entering the front door. The CCLSM Shul Safety Greeter (SSG) program was designed to vet and train Shul Greeters in situational awareness and behavioral recognition, addressing active threats, controlling people at the door, de-escalation and more.
Portions of the SSG Program are presented in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department 24th’s District POWSAT (Places of Worship Safety Advisory Team).
This Fourth of July, the world was shocked by another senseless shooting. But let the incident leading up to this event also serve as a reminder to us. Armed Security is important, but a trained and diligent Shul Safety Greeter/Officer is just as necessary.
To sign up for our new SSG Program or our SSO (Shul Safety Officer) Program, please visit our site @

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​CCL Shul Members are local community members in the Chicago Metropolitan area who are concerned for the safety of their community and extended Shul family. ​​Our goal is to educate and train community members to better react and respond to medical and security issues in their Shuls. Members are provided with community updates on local activities and information regarding community safety. Members are educated and trained in Stop The Bleed, CPR/AED, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, de-escalation, safety, security, and self-defense, as well as knowledge of the law, and compliance with law enforcement. Our members are a diverse group. Medics, educators, professionals, and businessmen. We are a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization.
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