Joint Arab List Party Knesset member Jamal Zahalka drew ire on Tuesday for a Facebook post in which he called for the “entire Palestinian nation” to stage a general strike in the coming days in response to the enactment of the nation-state law.

“Our message is one of rejection and struggle against the Jewish nation-state law. We renounce it and the humiliation of Palestine, the homeland of the Palestinian people,” he wrote. “The strike is a message to the entire world. The Palestinian people is one nation … a living people that protects its fate and seeks to amend the historical injustice.”

Zahalka also posted a map of Israel covered in the Palestinian flag.

Maor Zemach, head of the Lach Yerushalayim (“For You, Jerusalem”) advocacy group that seeks to safeguard Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, blasted Zahalka for the post, which he said was “definitive proof that the nation-state law is one of the of the most important laws the Knesset has enacted.”

He said Zahalha “has forgotten he is a member of the Jewish state’s parliament. Let him wage his nationalist and incendiary campaign from the Palestinian parliament in Ramallah and not at our expense.”