Students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem will now be adding classes in entrepreneurship to their required class list, where they will learn networking and fundraising tips under the guidance of mentors.

Students who want to take their initiatives to the next level will be guided towards accelerator programs and may be eligible to receive funding from the university for their ideas.

Israel has the most startup companies per capita of any country in the world, earning it the moniker “Startup Nation.”

Hebrew University was listed in the top 50 universities that trained the most entrepreneurs since 2016, according to a recent study by PitchBook. Technion came in at 14th place, with Hebrew University at 35th.

It will encourage students to develop new ideas in all fields of entrepreneurial study. The school will also reach out to Jerusalem industry members and investors for thoughts about how university researchers and students can study and impact ongoing business activity.

Hebrew University will also partner with the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, along with other partners, to collaborate on relevant projects.