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CAMERA responds to ‘15 lies’ in Amnesty ‘apartheid’ attack on Israel

The 19-minute video poses the question why Amnesty International felt the need to lie about and to demonize the Jewish state.

Amnesty International. Credit:
Amnesty International. Credit:

In a video documenting “15 Lies in 15 Minutes,” the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis is taking on a February 2022 video that Amnesty International made, accusing Israel of “apartheid.”

Among Amnesty’s lies is its use of incomplete quotes from Israeli founding father David Ben-Gurion and from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to suggest they and Israel are racist, according to CAMERA.

Alex Safian, research director at CAMERA, noted that Amnesty did not include the next line in a statement of Netanyahu’s, in which he says that Arab citizens have equal rights to Jews, “something antithetical to apartheid,” said Safian. “This malicious editing is no anomaly—the rest of the report is filled with similar deceptions.”

“As Amnesty continues its campaign to delegitimize the Jewish state, and as other anti-Israel organizations on campus and around the world continue to cite Amnesty’s misinformation, it’s vital that we shine a light on the organization’s bad faith, and ask: If Amnesty had a good case, why would it have to manipulate viewers?” stated Gilead Ini, a senior analyst at CAMERA.

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