In a filmed lecture at the Islamic Center of Kaiserlautern in Germany, German imam Said Abu Hafs said that Jesus came to the Jews, and told them to “leave their money” and follow him. Abu Hafs laughed, saying that to request such a thing from the Jews is “pointless,” and that this is why the Jews turned against Jesus.

He said that the Jews have been miserly and greedy since ancient times, explaining that they have always been “enamored of gold,” and that they worshipped the golden calf simply because it was made out of gold.

Abu Hafs also said that the Jews, their rabbis and their leaders are arrogant and look down on others because they see themselves as God’s chosen people. He said it has always been pointless to call them and their forefathers to Islam because they do not want to be equal to everybody else, and because they would then not be able to unlawfully take other people’s money.

Abu Hafs added that the Jews have fought Islam by “tearing apart the unity of the Muslims,” claiming that this is still taking place today.

The video was uploaded to the Islamic Center of Kaiserlautern’s (Islamisches Zentrum Kaiserlautern) YouTube channel on March 30, 2019.