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In a statement, every Republican governor honors Jewish Heritage Month

The 26 governors wrote: “We affirm the significance of Jewish-American contributions throughout U.S. history.”

Torah scroll. Credit: Pixabay.
Torah scroll. Credit: Pixabay.

Every Republican governor in the country—26 of them—signed a statement marking Jewish American Heritage Month, which is May.

“As public servants and governors, we support and recognize May as Jewish American Heritage Month—and call for observance to celebrate the historical, economic and cultural impact of the Jewish-American people who have strengthened our communities and emboldened our nation throughout history,” they wrote.

They added that they are proud the United States was the first to recognize Israel and noted the “unbreakable bond” between the two nations, “based upon shared values, ultimately leading to prosperous economic, educational and cultural partnerships.”

“We stand with our constituencies who oppose antisemitism, and we affirm the significance of Jewish-American contributions throughout U.S. history,” they added.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee reportedly led the drafting and signing of the statement. Both have articulated their support for Jews and Israel publicly on social media in the past.

Last month, the Kansas state legislature passed a resolution to declare May officially Jewish American Heritage Month—a designation that then-President George W. Bush proclaimed nationally in 2006.

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