Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday that Israel has seen signs that Iran is considering decreasing its presence in Syria.

 “I can inform you that we have identified first signs of Iran loosening and re-evaluating its course in Syria,” Bennett said at the New-Tech 2020 military technology conference in Tel Aviv,” reported i24 News.

“They are sending forces to try to establish [presence] there and wear us down, but we can turn the disadvantage to an advantage. We have superior intelligence and operational capabilities, and we are telling Iran loud and clear: Get out of Syria! You have nothing to look for here.”

Bennett said that Israel is changing its strategy from a defensive posture to an offensive one against the regime.

“We are moving from a defensive strategy to an offensive strategy—to weaken, exhaust, wear down and erode the octopus head to weaken its tentacles. And we’ve only just begun,” he said, according to the report.

Regarding protests in by the Iranian people, he said that “in the Iranian street, the Persian people are telling the ayatollahs: ‘Stop wasting our money and shedding our blood in [needless] adventures.’ ”

The defense minister added: “The ground is burning in Iran, the embers are not extinguished, they are glowing.”

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