Iranian Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi-Kermani, a member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts and Expediency Council, said in a sermon in Tehran on Friday that starting on July 7, Iran will enrich uranium “in any form, level or amount that is necessary.”

He said that Iran’s uranium enrichment is solely for purposes of energy and scientific research, and not for the building of atomic weapons because “Iran does not see atomic bombs as legitimate, and it does not need them.”

Ayatollah Movahedi explained that if Iran wants to attack a country like Israel “because of America’s crimes,” it can simply launch conventional missiles at Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona. Israel will then be “razed dozens of times” over by the “200 nuclear bombs that are in its possession,” said Movahedi.

He warned America: “You must remember that you live in a glass house, and you need to be careful not to throw [stones] at your neighbors.” He also threatened that the waters of the Persian Gulf would “turn red” if Iran is attacked.

The audience chanted: “Allah Akbar! Khamenei is the leader! Death to those who oppose the Rule of the Jurisprudent! Death to America! Death to England! … Death to Israel!”

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