Islamic State spokesman Abu Hamza al-Qurashi stated in a speech published by the terror group’s media arm Al-Furqan on Monday that ISIS was “declaring war” on Israel, and called on ISIS branches in Sinai and Syria to attack it.

In the 37-minute speech, which was distributed on social media, including Telegram and Hoop, the ISIS spokesman said the terror group was not only surviving, despite the declarations by multiple U.S. presidents that it was finished, but also expanding its war against its enemies across the globe.

Al-Qurashi also called on Muslims to thwart the U.S. peace plan, known as the “deal of the century,” which is expected to be released on Tuesday. He urged Muslim fighters everywhere to step up their attacks, and to “emigrate” and join the nearest ISIS branch.

“The infidels,” he said, had mobilized “the turbans of evil” to “put out the light of Allah by their continuous military and media campaign against the monotheists, a total war on all fronts.”

The ISIS spokesman said the group had begun “a new phase” in its war against its enemies.

“Today we have begun a new stage in our war against you. The eyes of the soldiers of the caliphate everywhere are still turned toward Bayt al-Maqdis [the Temple Mount in Jerusalem]. In the coming days, with Allah’s permission, there will be events that will cause you to forget the horrors you have seen during the time of the previous [ISIS] leaders … Our jihad shall continue. … We pray to Allah that He will torment you, take vengeance upon you and punish you severely.”

The full article is available at the MEMRI website.

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