Israel conducted airstrikes in Gaza early Friday in response to Palestinians launching three rockets from there into the Jewish state.

Two of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome air-defense system, while the third landed in an open area.

The retaliatory airstrikes were carried out on a “wide array of targets belonging to the Hamas terror group. … constituting a real blow to Hamas’s abilities to build up” its forces, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

No injuries were reported in the strikes.

“Rockets, explosive balloons and sniper shots were fired from #Gaza into #Israel throughout the day. We just responded by striking Hamas terror targets in Gaza including underground infrastructure used to manufacture weapons. We hold Hamas responsible,” tweeted the IDF.

Hamas nor any group has taken responsibility for launching the latest rockets into Israel.

According to emergency services, a 3-week-old girl and her 30-year-old mother were hospitalized after being injured while rushing to a bomb shelter in Sderot near the Gaza border.

On Friday afternoon, three additional mortar shells were fired from Gaza into southern Israel. The IDF said Iron Dome intercepted one of the projectiles, while two landed in open areas. In response, an IDF tank fired a shell at Hamas observation post.

The rocket attacks came days after U.S. President Donald Trump released his long-awaited Mideast peace plan, which has been accepted by Israel but rejected by the Palestinians, who have taken to the streets to protest the proposal.

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