On Sunday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) defended her remarks last week accusing her “Jewish colleagues” for attacking her and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) for labeling every criticism of theirs as anti-Israel because of the faith of the two congresswomen, in addition to slamming her critics regarding “the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country,” echoing the longtime anti-Semitic trope of dual loyalty.

Also on Sunday, Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) condemned an anti-Muslim poster in West Virginia incorrectly linking Omar to the 9/11 attacks and Omar’s remarks: “Gross islamophobic stereotypes – like those about @IlhanMN recently featured on posters in WVA – are offensive and have no place in political discourse. Anti-Semitic tropes that accuse Jews of dual loyalty are equally painful and must also be roundly condemned,” she tweeted.

“Lawmakers must be able to debate w/o prejudice or bigotry. I am saddened that Rep. Omar continues to mischaracterize support for Israel,” continued Lowey. “I urge her to retract this statement and engage in further dialogue with the Jewish community on why these comments are so hurtful.”

“No member of Congress is asked to swear allegiance to another country. Throughout history, Jews have been accused of dual loyalty, leading to discrimination and violence, which is why these accusations are so hurtful,” added Lowey, who is Jewish. “I believe we can debate important policy without using offensive, painful stereotypes.”

Omar replied to Lowey, “Our democracy is built on debate, Congresswoman! I should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in Congress or serve on committee. The people of the 5th elected me to serve their interest. I am sure we agree on that!”

“I have not mischaracterized our relationship with Israel, I have questioned it and that has been clear from my end,” continued Omar in a Twitter thread. “I am told everyday [sic] that I am anti-American if I am not pro-Israel. I find that to be problematic and I am not alone. I just happen to be willing to speak up on it and open myself to attacks.”

Omar added, “Being opposed to Netanyahu and the occupation is not the same as being anti-Semitic. I am grateful to the many Jewish allies who have spoken out and said the same. We must be willing to combat hate of all kinds while also calling out oppression of all kinds. I will do my best to live up to that. I hope my colleagues will join me in doing the same.”

Tlaib applauded Omar for doubling down: “.@IlhanMN’s strength inspires me and so many. She is being targeted just like many civil rights icons before us who spoke out about oppressive policies. As she uplifts my Sity and other Palestinians in the name of justice and peace, she shows us real courage.”

‘That is classic anti-Semitism’

Both Omar’s initial and follow-up anti-Semitic remarks have been met with condemnation inside and outside Congress.

“I welcome debate in Congress based on the merits of policy, but it’s unacceptable and deeply offensive to call into question the loyalty of fellow American citizens because of their political views, including support for the U.S.-Israel relationship,” said Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) in response to the congresswoman’s remarks last week. “We all take the same oath. Worse, Representative Omar’s comments leveled that charge by invoking a vile anti-Semitic slur.”

“Her comments were outrageous and deeply hurtful, and I ask that she retract them, apologize, and commit to making her case on policy issues without resorting to attacks that have no place in the Foreign Affairs Committee or the House of Representatives,” added Engel, who is the chairman of the committee, which Omar sits on.

Along with condemning the West Virginia 9/11 poster, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.), who has repeatedly condemned Omar for her anti-Semitism, tweeted: “Rep. Omar’s simultaneously disgusting, anti-Semitic gas lighting that support for our great ally Israel is due to a pay off by Jews & allegiance to a foreign country will hopefully give all parties pause & reason for reflection at this moment in US history & politics.”

In response to Omar defending on Sunday her anti-Semitic remarks last week, New York Times columnist Bret Stephens tweeted: “Someone please write ‘Antisemitism for Dummies.’ Nobody expects @IlhanMN to pledge “allegiance” to Israel. But her attacks on pro-Israel Americans of doing so is a charge of dual loyalty. That is classic anti-Semitism.”

Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro responded to Stephens’s tweet: “And she’s not dumb. She knows. She just doesn’t care.”