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Blinken’s blinders

Has he heard any Palestinian leader say they are willing to live in peace with a Jewish state?

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivers remarks at the swearing-in ceremony for the President’s Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement at the White House Oct. 30, 2023. Credit: Chuck Kennedy/U.S. State Department.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivers remarks at the swearing-in ceremony for the President’s Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement at the White House Oct. 30, 2023. Credit: Chuck Kennedy/U.S. State Department.
Mitchell Bard
Mitchell Bard
Mitchell Bard is a foreign-policy analyst and an authority on U.S.-Israel relations who has written and edited 22 books, including The Arab Lobby, Death to the Infidels: Radical Islam’s War Against the Jews and After Anatevka: Tevye in Palestine.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is incapable of learning from his mistakes. He needs a therapy session with Dr. Phil, who can ask, “What are you thinking?!”

Blinken is the Charlie Brown of diplomacy who keeps trying to kick the football no matter how often the Palestinians and Iranians pull it away.

He is like someone who can’t give up the hunt for Bigfoot. In his case, Yeti is the two-state solution. Even after the Oct. 7 massacre, he is advocating the creation of an internationally recognized terrorist base on Israel’s borders whose residents, if given the chance, would slaughter every Israeli.

Gaza is distant from Israel’s population centers, but some 1,200 Israelis were murdered near the border. Imagine the same threat in the West Bank, not miles from the country’s center but a few feet from Israel’s capital.

In what universe does Blinken believe any sane Israeli leader would accept such an idea?

And what does he think has changed to make it any more feasible to create a Palestinian state on the West Bank? Has he heard any Palestinian leader say they are willing to live in peace with a Jewish state?

After more than 200,000 Jews were forced to evacuate their homes to get out of range of terrorist rockets on two borders, does he believe that Israel will be more inclined to force 100,000 or more Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria to allow Hamastan to be set up on a third frontier?

The “land for peace” formula is a proven farce. Not a single Israeli has lived in Gaza since 2005, and yet “the occupation” was supposed to justify the massacre and the international praise for it. Israel’s withdrawal from 40% of the West Bank increased Palestinian terror.

What gives the Palestinians any more right to statehood in their “homeland” than the Basques in Spain, the Kurds in Iraq or the Native Americans in the USA? I don’t hear Blinken advocating on their behalf. And Mr. Secretary of State, why did Palestinians suddenly acquire this “right” after 1967 when neither the Palestinians nor the State Department asserted it when Jordan and Egypt occupied the West Bank and Gaza for 19 years?

Every time Blinken lectures Israelis on protecting civilians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should hold up a photo of Hiroshima and remind him how the State Department prevented the rescue of European Jewry.

Israel is told to learn from the lessons of U.S. fights against terrorists, ignoring that Hamas and the PLO are on Israel’s doorstep while ISIS is 6,000 miles from America.

Israelis are warned about their campaign creating more terrorists. Perhaps some Gazans will seek revenge. Maybe they’ll call themselves Sons of Hamas. That does not make wiping Hamas off the map any less necessary. The United States didn’t let civilian casualties or the prospect of motivating more people to become terrorists deter it from using whatever means necessary to destroy Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Hezbollah, Iran and other jihadists don’t care how many Palestinians die.

Many Gazans are sympathetic to the views of Hamas. Look at the pictures of the multitudes at their rallies. Besides, it only took 3,000 terrorists to kill some 1,200 Jews. Does Blinken believe that there are not at least another 3,000 Gazans who would happily massacre more? Did he not see the “civilians” rush through the border fence to join the slaughter and celebrate the mass murders and torture?

Are the Palestinians in the West Bank any different?

Palestinian Media Watch documented that the ruling Fatah Party bragged of its participation in the atrocities, boasted that it helped Hamas, and called the murderers “a source of pride, heroism and honor for the Palestinian people.”

Why should Israel agree to allow the PLO to take over Gaza when the only difference in its objective is that it is willing to pursue its goal of destroying Israel in stages?

Long before Oct. 7, Palestinians—not just Hamasniks—believed that time was on their side. They say it took 200 years to defeat the Crusaders, but they did. They feel the same way about the Zionists.

By whitewashing Palestinian terrorism, the State Department contributed to the failure of the Oslo Accords. Blinken continues that tradition. This year, terrorists from the West Bank have murdered more than 30 Israelis, and the toll would be much higher if the Shin Bet had not foiled hundreds of attempted attacks.

Instead of outrage over the death of those civilians, Blinken wants to increase funding for the Palestinians, effectively subsidizing the murder of Israelis, including Americans.

Does Blinken think people who have been raised on a steady diet of antisemitism by their parents, imams, teachers and camp counselors will suddenly embrace co-existence with Israel when the war with Hamas ends? How enthusiastic does he think the Gazans who have been displaced and whose families have died because of Hamas will be to live peacefully with their neighbors?

Apologists for terror insist that Palestinians have no choice but terrorism. Why? 

No one talks about Christians who live under the same conditions as Muslims (some worse because of Muslims) and yet do not become terrorists.

The Palestinians don’t believe in diplomacy. According to the September PSR survey, fewer than one-third of Palestinians support Blinken’s two-state solution, only 19% of Gazans approve of negotiations, while 51% prefer the “armed struggle.”

The people, Blinken tells us, don’t support Hamas, yet surveys consistently show that Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is more popular than Blinken’s favorite Palestinian, Mahmoud Abbas. Now, he’s preferred by 64% to 33%.

And who is even more popular?

Marwan Barghouti, the man serving five life sentences and 40 years for terrorist attacks that killed five Israelis.

Why is Blinken talking to the person in the 18th year of his four-year term? Abbas rejected all offers of statehood and continues, with Blinken’s silent assent, to incite violence and pay Palestinians to kill Jews and reward the families of suicide bombers and jailed murderers. Doesn’t he remember Abbas’s antisemitic rant in September?

Blinken wants Israel to turn Gaza over to Abbas when 78% of Palestinians want him to resign, not because they are upset by his support for terrorism but because he is corrupt. Abbas, like Hamas, has denied Palestinians all civil and political rights. Just how are Palestinians’ lives going to improve if the P.A. is suddenly called a state and Gazans are enslaved by the PLO instead of Hamas?

Abbas is an 88-year-old in bad health. Is Israel supposed to make a deal with someone whose days are numbered and whose successors are likely to be worse?

Does Blinken know the Palestinians’ draft constitution says it will be a Muslim state? Palestinians and their supporters maintain the existence of a single Jewish state is unacceptable, yet Blinken supports the creation of a 28th Muslim state.

Israel will have to occupy northern Gaza until some non-terrorist authority can assume responsibility—if that’s even possible. After that, Israel will need to have the same freedom of action to ensure its security there as it does in the West Bank. Blinken thinks this is unreasonable.

Excuse me, Mr. Secretary of State, but you don’t live near Gaza; terrorists aren’t threatening your family. You have no business telling Israel how to secure its border.

If Blinken had a serious interest in improving the situation, he would insist on the end of Palestinian corruption, the cessation of incitement in the media, mosques and summer camps, and demand that textbooks remove antisemitic references and the demonization of Israel. Instead of continuing to reward their bad behavior, he would suspend U.S. aid until pay-for-slay is stopped, and terrorism is prevented and punished rather than glorified.

This would not make his two-state delusion any more plausible. Islamists will not abandon their belief that all of Israel is Muslim land, and the PLO will continue to seek a Judenrein state from the river to the sea (with supporting chants from antisemites worldwide).

Blinken will have to live with the fact that Israelis are not suicidal.

Instead of returning to the State Department playbook for failure and expecting Israel to make concessions to the people who seek their extermination, Blinken should place the focus where it has always belonged—on Palestinian rejectionism. When he solves that problem, then he can speak to the prime minister of Israel about peace.

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