The Israel air-force pilot whose jet was shot down by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile, following last week’s strike deep in Syrian territory against Iranian infrastructure, was released from the Israel’s Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

The 35-year-old pilot was seriously wounded, but after treatment was able to leave the hospital in apparently good condition after life-saving surgeries.

“We are greatly pleased by the pilot’s recovery and the excellent treatment he received at Rambam,” said Rick Hirschhaut, national executive director, American Friends of Rambam Medical Center. “Rambam and the IDF enjoy a very close relationship, for treatment of wounded soldiers and many other forms of cooperation.”

“As the largest hospital in Israel’s northern region, and [with its] reputation for trauma and emergency care, Rambam stands at the front lines of Israel’s defense and security,” added Hirschhaut.

Before his release, the pilot also met with the IDF soldier wounded last week in the West Bank city of Jenin, when she accidentally entered with a military vehicle and was promptly attacked by an angry Palestinian mob. She is being treated at Rambam for injuries incurred during that incident.