Israel has rolled out its most state-of-the-art new tank, which will be battle-ready in three years—the Merkava Mark IV Barak.

The new tank is an upgrade from the Merkava Mark IV, and will feature advanced technology systems such as artificial intelligence and a smart task computer to integrate multiple tasks simultaneously.

The mission computer, operated by modern touch screens instead of switch pads, will be able to analyze incoming data and alert the commander according to urgency and mission-relatedness.

The Barak (Hebrew for “lightning”) tank will include an improved cannon and commander’s gun sight, and be equipped with the Iron Vision helmet, which enables fighters to maneuver inside tight urban areas without having to raise their heads out of the tank and potentially expose themselves to enemy fire.

It will also feature an improved anti-missile Trophy system, as well as process automation.

The Armored Corps has announced that it will also be adapting its traditional tank configuration, adding a 10th tank and additional commander to each company.