Israeli defense technology company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems announced on Wednesday that it had successfully carried out a series of tests on the Drone Dome laser system, during which multiple mock UAVs were intercepted by means of a laser beam. The targets were successfully engaged during the day and at night.

The new system, once fully phased into service, will help southern communities near the Gaza Strip deal with ongoing harassment by Palestinian terrorists who constantly launch incendiary balloons and explosive kites across the border.

The system, unveiled several weeks ago, is designed to address the threat of low-flying objects and is capable of both “soft kills” (interfering with the operation of targeted drones) and “hard kills” (destruction of the targeted drone).

According to Rafael, the Drone Dome is “designed to present a solution to the drones and quadcopters by providing a low layer of defense to military installations and civilian sites, such as airports and strategic locations, which have become more vulnerable as of late due to the use of such devices.”

This article first appeared in Israel Hayom.

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