Lebanon’s new Hezbollah-backed Sunni prime minister held talks on Saturday with the country’s parliamentary blocs with the aim of forming a government, the AP reported.

Hassan Diab, a university professor and former education minister, faces an economic crisis and nationwide protests against the ruling elite.

Diab said during the talks that he wants to form a government made up of independents and technocrats, adding that “all parties agree with me regarding a government made up of independents and experts, including Hezbollah,” according to the report.

“Lebanon is in the intensive-care unit and needs efforts” by all sides, he added.

The new prime minister received the support of a majority of lawmakers, including from Hezbollah and its allies, which hold a majority, the report noted.

However, key Sunni figures have not shown support for Diab, including the largest Sunni party, led by Diab’s predecessor Saad Hariri.

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