• In the past few days, the Gaza-based Palestinian groups have issued several statements hinting that they would use all means, including terrorism, to foil the upcoming U.S. peace plan.

• What is perhaps most worrying for Arab leaders are the threats coming from Iran’s puppets—Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah. It now remains to be seen whether the Arab heads of state will be deterred by these threats or ignore them at the risk of becoming the Palestinians’ terror targets.

• Clearly, the very Palestinians who are boycotting the Bahrain conference—whose aim is to help them move beyond their leadership-imposed economic devastation—will wind up the big losers in this spiteful scenario of hate. This time, however, it also seems that the Palestinians will not only deprive themselves of billions of dollars, but also damage—perhaps irrevocably—their relations with influential Arab countries. By all accounts, the Palestinians appear to be heading toward another nakba (“catastrophe”).

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