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When will the impunity end?

A pro-Hamas real estate mogul threatens Biden’s life and nobody cares.

Mohamed and Bella Hadid attend the “Ismael's Ghosts” screening and Opening Gala at the Cannes Film Festival, May 17, 2017. Credit: Bakounine/Shutterstock.
Mohamed and Bella Hadid attend the “Ismael's Ghosts” screening and Opening Gala at the Cannes Film Festival, May 17, 2017. Credit: Bakounine/Shutterstock.
Benjamin Kerstein
Benjamin Kerstein is a writer and editor living in Tel Aviv. Read more of his work on Substack at No Delusions, No Despair. Purchase his books here.

Besides its hysterical derangement, one of the most remarkable things about the pro-Hamas fifth column in the West is the extraordinary impunity it enjoys.

A quite remarkable example of this came last week, when real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid—father of the notoriously antisemitic models Gigi and Bella Hadid—said of the current Israel-Hamas war, “This is Biden’s war on the Palestinian people. He will be in court with the rest of the Zionist criminals. We will hunt them down like they did the Nazis.”

Hadid also referred to President Joe Biden with what the fifth column considers the worst of all possible slurs, calling him the “head of the Zionist project.”

Hadid’s hostility towards anyone who even vaguely supports Israel is not a surprise. For example, he has told Israel’s Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine.” In comparison to such openly genocidal sentiments, his slap at Biden seems, at first glance, to be almost innocuous.

Hostility towards Biden is now the fifth column’s official policy. This hostility is of such intensity that the fifth column has pledged to become a political suicide bomber. It openly threatens to sabotage Biden’s presidential bid if he does not end his support for Israel—even if it puts the dreaded Donald Trump in the White House.

Hadid’s remarks are also at least somewhat comical. That is to say, they are self-evidently psychopathic. He is not a well man. This makes him slightly ludicrous, given his rarefied social standing. Nonetheless, the implications are quite serious.

This is because Hadid’s pledge to “hunt down” Biden is little more than a direct threat to the life of the president of the United States. After all, the Nazi leaders who were “hunted down” and found themselves “in court” were mostly hanged. Given that Hadid appears to consider Biden a war criminal on par with the likes of Joachim von Ribbentrop and WilhelmFrick, there can be little doubt that he wants to see the president at the end of a similar rope. Hadid, in short, wants Biden dead and has no compunctions about saying so.

It is important to recognize what this means: Threatening the life of the president of the United States is a federal crime, punishable by up to five years in prison. The relevant statute also includes threats “to kidnap or to inflict bodily harm” on the president. In his public statement, Hadid is clearly guilty on all three counts.

The sad and infuriating fact, however, is that he will neither be arrested nor charged. He is unlikely to face much public condemnation. My guess is that the Secret Service will not even put him on a watch list.

Hadid will get away with it because the fifth column can get away with anything. Its members enjoy more or less total criminal, political, cultural and personal impunity. In effect, they have been declared beyond good and evil. The only limit to their conduct is that physically imposed on them by their targets.

This impunity, moreover, has hardly descended from the heavens. It has been granted by the adults in the room who ought to and likely do know better. There is, I think, a reason for this.

The pro-Hamas fifth column is not the only movement that enjoys near-total impunity in American society. Radical progressives are accorded more or less the same indulgence. They can unethically and illegally rule over higher education with an iron fist; censor any speech of which they disapprove; disrupt, deplatform and physically assault their opponents; rampage through the streets of major cities, sometimes destroying what it took people a lifetime to build; vandalize and desecrate public monuments they find distasteful; collaborate in the persecution of Jews; and generally act like bulls in a china shop with the torero nowhere in sight.

The Hamas cause has become a radical progressive cause. As a result, the fifth column shares in the impunity enjoyed by its allies. University officials who have long since sacrificed themselves to the radical progressive cause will not punish the fifth column’s transgressions. Government officials enamored or terrified of progressive wrath will not enforce laws against the fifth column’s illegal conduct. A media that has long since joined the progressive cult refuses to report on the fifth column’s horrific racism and determination to act on it. Of this, impunity is made.

Fortunately, however, cracks are appearing in this facade. The fifth column’s public orgy of antisemitic, pro-terrorist and genocidal bloodlust that followed the Oct. 7 massacre may prove to be the immovable object upon which it shatters itself. For the first time, people are demanding that codes of conduct be followed and laws enforced. This has already had salutary results, including the toppling of an antisemitic university president.

Nonetheless, the momentum must be maintained, not only for the sake of justice but also to deter future criminal conduct. The arrest, trial and incarceration of Mohamed Hadid would be an excellent start.

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